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Sciatica Pain (pain from ax to foot)

Sciatica (Pain from ax to foot)
 introduction :
 Gridhrasi is a disease in which the first patient has hip pain.  Then slowly this pain is produced by the veins in the whole legs.  Due to this disease, the patient has difficulty in getting up and sitting and walking.
 Food and diet:

 The patient suffering from gastritis should not consume cold foods like curd, banana, radish, arabica and gas-forming substances.  Apart from this, sour things like tamarind, pickle, tomato, lemon, orange etc. are also harmful in this disease.  The patient suffering from this disease should also not use gram and urad dal.

 the treatment :

 Drinking 10 to 30 ml castor oil in a decoction of Triphala is beneficial for the patient suffering from gastritis.

 Taking decoction of neem root and drinking it provides relief in gastric disease.

 Cook 20 grams Sambhu leaves in 400 ml water on a light fire.  After drinking a quarter of water, filtering this decoction and drinking it for 11 days, cures the disease of gastritis.

 In the pain caused by gastric disease, massage of oil obtained from dry ginger and peepal on the feet of the patient provides great relief to the patient.

 Prepare a decoction of bayberry with dry ginger and take it 3 to 4 times a day, the patient of gastric disease benefits greatly.

 Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Harsingar on low flame and take it by the patient suffering from the disease of gastritis.

 To relieve pain caused by gastric disease, taking 6 grams to 10 grams root of Barchar (Bal, Khiranti) with rock salt and pure asafetida twice a day daily provides relief from pain.

 50 grams of mustard oil, 50 grains of coriander, 1 granddaughter garlic and 1 pinch of salt should be roasted.  Later this oil should be filtered.  After this, the patient suffering from gastric disease should be massaged slowly with this oil.  This massage reduces tension and stretch in the tendons.

 Boiling the leaves of basil in water and giving it to the steam watani provides great benefit in the Gridhrasi shool (sciatica pen).

 By heating papaya leaves in fire, fomenting swelling due to Phyllopan disease thrice a day is beneficial.

 Boil 6-6 grams castor root, belgiri, big kateri and small kateri in about 320 grams of water.  When there is 40 grams of water left after boiling, remove it and filter it.  Mixing a little black salt in this water and drinking it is beneficial in gastric disease.

 Make a decoction by mixing bividung, camel cuttara and kateri root.  Drinking castor oil in this decoction cures gastric disease.

 The patient suffering from gastric disease gets a lot of relief by making a decoction of the leaves of Dhatura leaves and fomenting the feet and massaging it with oil obtained from its leaves.

 Taking decoction of poppy every day cures the pain caused by gastric disease.

 Drinking the decoction of the leaves of Sinnuar (Sambhalu, Nirgundi), every morning and evening, cures the disease of gastritis.

 Taking 10-20 ml juice of Prasarini leaves with dry ginger, peepal and black pepper provides relief in gastric disease.

 Finely grind 1 kg of fenugreek and mix 2 kg of ghee and 12 times milk in it and boil it on a low flame to make it thick like honey.  After that put fenugreek in it and prepare fenugreek.  By consuming up to 40 grams of this fenugreek meal daily in the morning, all types of air diseases are destroyed, body becomes strong and semen gets increased.  If pregnant women eat this dish, then the sutika disease of women disappears.

 Coarsely grind 60 grams of spices.  Soak 6 grams of chowbchini in 200 ml water overnight.  In the morning, boil the chawbchini till half the water is gone and drink when it cools down a bit.  This helps to relieve pain from the hip to the foot.

 Grind the bark inside the bakayan with water on the cob and filter it and drink it.  By this, the patient suffering from gastric disease gets benefit.

 Put 20 grams of nirgundi leaves in about 400 ml of water and cook on a low flame and filter it after the fourth water remains.  By drinking this decoction for 11 days, the patient suffering from gastric disease gets relief.

 Grind garlic and mix in sesame oil and heat it on fire for some time, filter and massage it on the feet 3-4 times a day, the patient suffering from gastric disease benefits.

 Toast garlic in ghee and grind it.  After this, add the powder of dry ginger and Pippalamool.  It is beneficial to give one teaspoon of this powder with milk in the morning and evening to the patient suffering from gastric disease.

 By eating cooked juice obtained from garlic with vibidng and massaging it on the feet, the pain of the patient of gastric disease ends.

 Massaging the feet with clove oil relieves the pain of gastric disease.

 Applying juice of the seeds of karjani on the feet in Gridhrasi disease relieves pain.

 Applying mustard seeds to the painful area due to gastric disease is beneficial.

 Taking petha juice provides relief in gastric disease and half a headache.

 To relieve pain from hip to foot, peel 10 garlic buds in 50 ml sesame oil and heat it.  Then after taking it cold and massaging it, the patient gets relief in gastric disease.
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